Envirowrap - Protecting Today's Environment

EnviroWrap Solutions Limited


EnviroWrap operates systems that are environment friendly. Materials selected for use in the production and installation of EnviroWrap® sheeting systems are capable of being re-cycled, and the process methods used are designed to avoid damaging the environment.
EnviroWrap are fully committed to minimising any potentially harmful effects of our processes by developing an Environmental Policy which allows us to set targets by which our environmental impact can be measured and monitored on a regular basis.
We recognise that in considering these issues we must also be concerned for the health, wellfare and safety of our staff and customers.

To this end we have undertaken to assist our staff in recognising the importance of environmental effects and winning their support and commitment to the Corporate policy. Our Managing Director, Mr Tony Allsop, has been assigned to have specific responsibility for policy development, co-ordination and evaluation of performance.
EnviroWrap are committed to a policy of minimising the impact of its operations on the environment by means of a programme of continuous improvement.
In the spirit of this commitment, EnviroWrap Solutions Limited will:

1.0 - Meet or exceed all statutory requirements.

2.0 - Seek to minimise the consumption of materials and promote recycling of its products.

3.0 - Adapt energy efficiency into new services and products and manage energy wisely.

4.0 - Eliminate or wherever practicable reduce harmful emissions.

5.0 - Only market products that are safe to use, make efficient use of resources, recycle all spent materials.

6.0 - Show preference to suppliers who operate environmental policies in common with EnviroWrap Solutions Limited.

7.0 - Ensure that all company sites minimise, noise or other impact on the local environment.

8.0 - Monitor progress and publish to staff and other interested parties, an environmental performance report at regular intervals.