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Envirowrap has been designing and installing its products since 1997. There is always a solution to your project design requirement, be it Hot Works or Cold Works, on-shore or off-shore. We have a vast wealth of experience which we can impart on your Project Design Team.


We can advise on the best sheeting grades, scaffold layout, fixings, tie and load distribution, extreme weather locations SSSI's, Rail Trackside reliability, Wind Farms etc.


Our advice is without obligation and comes with over 30 years of sheeting and containment experience throughout the UK and mainland Europe.


To discuss your Project please call one of the following team members:


  • Allen Stenner +44 7917 411 539
  • John Wright +44 7887 980 506
  • If you are having problems with a mobile network, call the main office on +44 1233 860080
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