Here you will find our product range from basic sheeting to our specialist Acoustic Shrink Wrap Sheeting

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EnviroWrap® is an industrial grade blend of polyethylene heat retractable sheeting, made from a special blend fractional melt resins.

At EnviroWrap Solutions, as the leader in this field for over 30 years, we strive to maintain a progressive and continuous improvement of our product range. There continues to be an ongoing program of development and tests to the blend ratios and fire retardants used to formulate our sheeting products. Whenever we find that during field trials they show the products to be enhanced by these changes, Reaction to Fire Tests will always be carried out before being used on live projects.

As with the original EnviroWrap® product range full approvals from the certification bodies is secured.

Please see below for details of the EnviroWrap® product range. Information about our products and services can be found here.

Introducing Our Specialist Sheeting Range

Our Fire Resistant technical industrial sheeting range has 5 key thicknesses and uses;

500 micron FR Acoustic, used in locations where noise reduction is a priority
400 AFR-T for extreme environments
350 AFR-T for Strong Roofing and Heavy Industrial Environments
300 AFR-T for high quality blasting and welding Environments
250 AFR-T for the lighter duty environments

There are two main installation methods;

The traditional Hot-Works method using LPG heat torches to weld, seal and shrink the sheeting
The Non-Hazardous methods used off-shore, live plant, historic buildings and areas where open flame equipment is a major problem.

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