Dow Chemicals Holland Non-Hotworks in Live Plant Area

Dow Chemicals Nederlands Scaffold Sheeting carried out with the Non-Hazadous EnviroWrap Tensioning System allowing Live Plant to run whilst habitats, large or small, can be safely installed.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

EnviroWrap Solutions were asked by Kaefer Nederlands if we could provide two large habitats around an area where two new large storage tanks were to be constructed, the main problem was the larg area to be sheeted and that it would be located within the center of the live operational plant which could not be shut down during the tank construction. EnviroWrap used the 350AFR-T sheeting and the tensioning system it had developed whilst working on the ship yards in Holland The proceedure requires the sheeting to be stretched onto the scaffold and sealed at the joints using a special high tack adhesive.

Again this is a further example of inovation by the EnviroWrap engineers, you can be sure that together we will drive your business development in the right direction.

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